Welcome to Cypress Home Technology

We make technology simple.

    If your circuit breaker panel malfunctions during an important dinner party, or your smart home automation system locks up because your ex-husband wants to control you, or you want a home theater system so crisp, clear and loud that the cops show up while you watch “Pulp Fiction” because the gunshots sound real, then who do you call?

    Cypress Home Technology, a collective of technology enthusiasts who have been working together since 2015, is the one-stop shop for licensed low-voltage and electrical contractors for all aspects of home technology like audio/visual, security camera systems, electrical installation and re-wiring as well as computer networking and wireless connectivity. A licensed, bonded low-voltage and electrical contractor, Cypress Home Technology prides itself on top-notch work at competitive prices. Call us tech junkies or geeks but call us. You won’t regret it.

credit: Brandon Dane