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Learn the advantages of Home Automation

 Control4 Home Automation

A Control4 automation system is custom built to fit around your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking to automate a single room or you are designing your dream home we can help make life a-little simpler.

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Smart Thermostat Installation 

Let us install your new smart thermostat so that you can respond to your comfort and energy-saving needs.Reduce energy usage and save money on heating and cooling bills.

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Smart Doorbell Installation

Our skilled team members can install a smart doorbell so that you get notified on your smartphone or other electronic device when a guest arrives to the entrance of the door.

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Smart Door Lock Installation 

Our team members are trained and skilled to install a smart door lock in no time. Lock  your front door, leave home, then return within Bluetooth range, and your front deadbolt will automatically unlock. Enjoy the convince that smart door locks bring to your life.

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Smart Garage Door Openers installation

smart garage-door controller is an add-on that works with your existing garage-door opener, letting you control the door from anywhere through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Let us quickly and effectively install your new garage door opener for you. 

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Smart Water Leak Sensor Installation 

Fires can be devastating, but water damage is far more common, let our team install a water leak sensor is if your house springs a leak, you can get notified and take action quickly. 

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Smart Sprinkler System Installation   

Our team members can easily install a smart sprinkler system ensuring maximum usage and control over the system.

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Smart Lighting and Bulb Installation 

Let our highly trained team help with installing and configuring your new smart home lighting, Brighten up your home and shine brighter then your neighbors. 

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Smart TV Setup and Configuring  

Whether its a simple setup or a very complex system, our team members can deliver, setup and configure your Smart TV without a problem. 

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Smart Appliance Configuring and Setup

No matter the product or system our staff is trained to help setup and configure any type of network appliance or devices you might have! 


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