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Allow Cypress home technology to

setup your theater right.

Whether you’re a movie fanatic, sports fan, or video game expert, having a home theater installed by a knowledgeable technician from our home theater system company, will give you the experience of being in a large theater without leaving your home. The team at Cypress Home Technology in Fort Myers, FL is here to install a premium and unique theater system that you and your family can enjoy for years.    


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Programable Remote Control Setup

Upgrade your old remote can change your whole TV viewing Experience, Skip the frustration and hassle of trying to figure out the process on your own and allow one of our skilled team member to make life simpler. 

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TV Delivery 

Our Team will deliver you brand new Television to your desired room of choice. No more back breaking carrying for you, let our team do it for you!

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TV Installation  

No more need to look at a bunch of cables and wonder why your new TV isn't working,  Cypress Home Technology Team Member are very skilled at setting up and installing your New TV.  

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Wall TV Mounting

We can mount a TV to any wall, Whether its complex or simple let us reach to great heights to give you a whole new viewing experience.      

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Outlet Relocation 

Don't worry if there is no outlet insight, we can relocate to make sure there are not cables hanging and running through all around your house! 

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Projector and Projector Screen Installation 

Our skilled staff can install your projector or projector screen ensuring proper function and placement.

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Home Theater  Speaker Installation  

Let us worry about setting up your speakers, Placement is very important for surround sound to insure you get the best audio experience from your new speakers.

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SoundBar Setup and Configuration 

We can set up a sound-bar to a new or existing audio system, providing a seamless customer experience 

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Video Gaming Setup

Let us rewire and setup your ultimate video game system to ensure that there no distraction to your whole new video gaming experience.


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