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We Provide The Security For Any Type Of Situation 

Whether its day or night you should always feel protected 

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Indoor Security System Installation

Trust Cypress Home Technology skilled team members to install and configure your indoor home security system for maximum protection and provide a clear, HD view inside your home, day or night.

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Outdoor Security System Installation

We are trained to provide maximum protection so you can k eep an eye on your property day or night with outdoor security cameras and video surveillance.  

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Smart Doorbell Installation

Our skilled team members can install a smart doorbell so that you get  notified on your smartphone or other electronic device when a guest arrives to the entrance of the door.

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Motion Sensor Cameras Installation

When motion is detected, the camera will start recording automatically. Motion sensor cameras will faithfully record your uninvited guest's action and can act as proof provider for further use when there is any accident.

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Wireless Security Cameras Installation

Let us install and provide you a whole new experience with wireless security cameras, A network based DVR gives you easy smartphone access to live or recorded footage from wherever you are so you aways feel protected.

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Alarm System Installation

Professional alarm installation involves first securing your home’s perimeter, then the interior. The alarm technician will install entryway sensors to help guard against intrusion through doors and windows.